"What Customers are saying about the Wonderbar"

"It isn't enough to call this amazing product Wonderbar, it should be called transformational/miraculous/unleash-your-baby-skin-bar!  You have to have a bit of patience but if you do it is as if all the signs of aging miraculously disappear and you are left with the skin you would have had, had you never seen pollution, sun or a nasty environment."   

Lynda Resnick, Author “Rubies in the Orchard”, Owner of Pom Wonderful, Fiji Water, Teleflora, Wonderful Pistachios, Wonderful Almonds

"Whether you suffer from dry cheeks, an oily forehead, chin zits, hyper-pigmentation, aging issues, sensitivity, eczema, or all of the above, the unassuming brown bar is safe and effective. Lather up, slather on, wait three minutes, and rinse. You’ll notice tighter pores, increased elasticity, and a brighter glow." Daily Candy:  Wonders Never Cease - Wonderbar Facial Soap

“My skin hasn’t looked this good since 3rd grade.  NEVER run out of this or you’ll have a crazy woman storming your place.  F%%$##brilliant!    Valerie P.

“Thank you! I am addicted to my Wonderbar, it’s been 5 days and wow what a difference!!!”
Cindy M.

“When I left the house today, my gardener said, “ You are looking younger every day!”  I totally attribute this to the Wonderbar.  I love it.”     Janet R.

“I really love the bar, the crinkly skin at the base of the neck is about gone.  Love it, love it, love it!”    Pam D.

“I'm lovin the sh%$  outta my face...LOVE IT!”    Wellness Coach, Katherine Crosswell

“I love the Wonderbar!  Dark spots and freckles are fading! Wrinkles on my forehead, around my eyes and mouth, are softening. Eczema type bumps gone. Overall skin tone improving daily. Plus my skin feels wonderful!  What’s not to like?”   Anne K.